Hi there! I'm Huaiwei Sun, a designer working at Google and a total bookaholic.

I'm passionate about transforming the newest technologies into products that really could serve people and help them achieve what they want. It's fantastic for me to see how new technologies have evolved and changed this world in recent years. Apart from being curious about what values all these technologies could bring us, I also feel the responsibility to be alert to the potential issues and risks that new technologies might bring to our societies due to our blind optimism. So I decided to join the tech industry to try to understand them deeper and ensure that they are used appropriately to contribute to this world.

Who I am and where I am going have been deeply influenced by the past. Many of you have changed my life in different ways, whether it’s Steve Job’s biography at my 17 or Satre’s existentialism during my undergraduate life. I always enjoy these connections between you and me and the meaning brought by them. If you also enjoy reading, feel curious about my work or just have something to share with me during your trip in my little space, please feel free to contact me.

Let this connection impact both you and me.

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