About Tong Qu

Tongqu is the biggest activity-finding platform in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It allows students, student clubs, university staff and others who want to organize great activities to put up their activities on this platform. People could register for the activites or apply to attend the stuent clubs they are interested in. With this platform, the whole university community becomes more vigorous, active and diverse.
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Tong Qu's iOS app hasn’t been updated since previous iOS developers graduated more than one year ago. A lot of bugs came out and students complained about its malfunction and started to abandon using it.
Therefore, our goal is to fix all the bugs(including UI and code bugs) and improve the user experience in this new iOS version, including:
- Frequent crashes while using the app.
- User interfaces are old-fashioned and not user-friendly in detailed interactions.
- Lack of some essential functions and information to users.


September 2016 - Feburary 2017

Project Team

Huaiwei Sun | Xiaofan Lu | Ruiyang Wang

My Role

1.I finished half of the interviews with students in Shanghai Jiao Tong University to collect the pain points students experienced in using the old version of Tong Qu. After aggregating all the data, I created personas and journey maps.
2.Apart from the personas and journey maps, I also finished competitive analysis. Based on these data, I designed all lofi and hifi prototypes to test with students and completed all the screens myself of the new version of Tong Qu’s iOS app.
3.Upon finishing the design work, I Collaborated with iOS developer Ruiyang Wang to actualize the whole design and shipped it to the iOS store.


1.User Research:
- Had inner discussion about the existing reviews and feedback we've collected either directly from users(both attendees and organizers) or from iOS stores and took notes for further aggregation
- Conducted informal interviews(quick and dirty talks) with our classmates and friends and probed to understand what they expected from this app. We took quick notes after each interview
- Aggregated all the notes and used spreadsheets to analyze them. Then we created personas and journey map based on them.
- Conducted competitive analysis and learnt from similar apps in the market
- The needs we found are as follows:
- Finding their interested activities more efficiently.
- Enabling organizers to communicate with all the participants or potential participants.
- Assisting students organize and manage their activities easily

2.Desgin Iterations:
- Started from wireframes and had inner evaluation on them. We ran 3 rounds of this evaluation before we zoomed in on the hifi prototypes
- Completed all the hifi screens and used inVision to create simple interactive prototype. Had quick tests with classmates who have used this prototype and got the feedback. Made small changes and completed the design work.

- Export all the assets and specs using sketch plugin and collaborated with iOS developers to create the real app and finally shipped it to the iOS store this April.


Balsamiq Mockups | SketchUp | Sketch | Invision | InDesign | Unity | Arduino


Scanning Device Demo | Research Process Book | "InSight" Book | Poster


User Feedback

User Interview

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Competitive Analysis

Task Analysis

Information Architecture

Lofi Wireframes

Team review

Hifi Prototypes

Team review

Team review