Design Brief is a subsidiary company of SANCHUAN Company Limited which traditionally focuses on the manufacturing of water meters. This new company is established to provide products which could collect the data of people’s use of water at home or in offices, which could be analyzed to better understand people’s habits and used to make better profits. Our mission is to help them build a series of products which could meet the customer’s need and their goal.

Value Network

Through the value network, we tried to understand the corporation's role in the whole business network and make sure that our design was congruent with this.

Business Model

Business Model enabled us to understand the business environment and certain restrictions it had on our design.

Competitor Analysis

We focus on the design of small equipments like smart kettles. We studied the competitor’s popular products to better understand the use flow and functional structure.


The research and analysis above helped us get the following design principles.


The cuttle is a smart drinking system which consists of kettles, cups and bottles. Combined with an app, it could give users a better experience.


Using storyboard, we confirmed the scenario in which target users would use the products.