Territory Exploration

Pollution of Smog and Haze had raised national concerns in China. The rate of diseases related to the air pollution had also been increasing in these years. Faced with this chanllenge, we wanted to explore how we could help individuals protect themselves better during the disaster though we couldn’t eradicate the pollution itself as students.

Initial Question

How could we help individuals protect themselves better during the risk of air pollution?

General Research

We investigated the common ways of protection from smog and we found two main problems in poeple’s implementation of them.

Focused Question

How could we inform the users of the risk from air pollution around them and recommend them to take proper ways to protect themselves better in daily lives?


Air Monitor is a portable device accompanied by a mobile app. The hardware could constantly monitor the air’s quality around the users. This product could be used everywhere and tell users the air pollution index in an intuitive way. And it will alert the users of the risk whether outdoors or indoors.

The users could see the real-time and historical data to get awareness of what environments he/she has to face everday. And the app would give protection tips on the masks’ choice and other equipments like indoor air cleaners.

Persona & Storyboard

We depicted the target users and the scenarios in which they use the product to help us center around the needs of them and design good products.

Prototype & Test

We used the Arduino, Evothings and different sensors to make the functional prototype.

Since the PM 2.5 sensor is quite big and expensive, we chose a gas sensor which detects harmful gas for prototype and tests.

We constructed the 3D model and printed it with a 3D printer to test the hardware so that it could meet our design requirements.