Design Brief

The theme of the hackathon is AI for Love.

Territory Exploration

Our team decided to focus on the love for children. With the knowledge in psychology, I took the task of further secondary research on this topic, We were astonished at the statistics of how seriously teenagers have suffered from mental health problems shown on the picture on the right.

The good news is that some psychological research has discovered the positive effect of love on mental health. Trauppman et al. (1981) conducted a study exploring the effects of intimacy on mental and physical health. The results showed that those who were happier and more satisfied in their relationships showed lower levels of depression, anxiety and self-consciousness.

“Love isn't something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn't a feeling, it is a practice.”

― Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

Initial Question

How can we help children better cultivate these?

General Research

1. Smart devices are playing a more important role in children’s lives. We can see them in different sences, such as education, entertainment and so on. Due to the short-term and long-term benefits, children can’t live without them

2. Parents are worried about their physical and mental health under too much exposure of the digital world.

3. Fairy tales used to be a major source for both entertainment and education for children, but it is losing its power. Games are becoming more popular among children.

Focused Question

How might a product related to smart devices, games and fairy tales help children cultivate the loving ability and intimate relationships which assures the parents' worries properly and meets the children's needs?



Magic of Love is a game intended to help children learn and practice love in a fun way. Using the natural language processing and hand tracking, it can interact with children in multiple ways, which makes the fairy tale more interactive and interesting. With different senses involved in the process, children’s physical and mental developments both benefit from it.

The game is set in a magic world where the player is a sorcerer’s apprentice. The player learns about four kinds of magic of love and uses one of them by voice and gesture according to the contexts of the conversations. Different choices will lead to different outcomes of the story. Faced with the different endings, children will understand that love is not that simple and harvest their own experiences with it. Besides, this kind of fairy tale doesn’t just tell a single story, but involves the readers in the development of the story and let them “write” their own stories, which is the key innovation of the game.


Test & Evaluation


We made an Chinese introductory video and an English demo video

Chinese Introductory Video

English Demo Video